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Stained glass film

Stained glass film gives a window a completely different appearance

Stained glass film is a special variant of decorative window films. It is available as static film and as self-adhesive film. Both variants have a broad choice of different design prints.
The static stained glass film can be reused multiple times, whereas the self-adhesive variant is fixed to the glass. 

Totally different appearance!

The different design prints give the "normal" windows a completely different appearance. Windows, but also hall ways or doors get their own character.

Both the static as the self-adhesive variant is available on rol widths of 45 cm, and a few also in 67,5 cm or 90 cm. The roll length can vary between 2 till 15 meter.


Stained glass film | Premium | 13
Deliverable at the following measures: 45 cm , 67,5 cm and 90 cm x desired meters
€ 6,49 incl. VAT

Stained glass film

The variety of different prints is designed to have matching prints for different interior styles.
The Stained glass film may be applied on the inside of each type of glass. Glass can be turned into traditional stained glass without hassle!

The stained glass films are available in a broad range of different designs.

If you cannot find the design of your choice, it is also possible to have a customer-specific stained glass design. Contact us for the possibilities.

About us makes ordering window film possible for everyone. Our adhesive film comes directly from the specialist trade, which means that we can always guarantee you high quality. Our range consists of all kinds of window films which you can easily be applied yourself on your window. In addition, we offer the service to have the window film you ordered professionally assembled by our installation team.

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