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Decorative window film Static | Premium

Decorative window film - Static. Lots of different patterns!

Decorative window film - Static is available in a lot of different designs and patterns. Thus a suitable print is available to match with all kind of interior styles. Flowers or abstract? Pick the design of your choice from our broad range of prints!

How to apply Static window films

Since this special window film is static it is very easy to apply. In case the window film isn't correctly positioned, it can be repositioned easily due to the static properties of the window film!



You can use static window film multiple times

Because the static foil does not have an adhesive layer, you can reuse the foil several times. The foil is easy to remove and remains in good condition. You only need to spray the film with a water spray so that it is clean for reuse.

About us makes ordering window film possible for everyone. Our adhesive film comes directly from the specialist trade, which means that we can always guarantee you high quality. Our range consists of all kinds of window films which you can easily be applied yourself on your window. In addition, we offer the service to have the window film you ordered professionally assembled by our installation team.

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