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Isolated Windowfoil

Stop the cold and the draft and easily save energy, keep the high gas price under control!

Do you suffer from heat loss and drafts in your home or business premises? A room that is not well insulated loses a lot of heat through the glazing. By using insulating window film you save on heating costs and it stays warmer for longer. A relatively simple solution to a costly problem.
The foil is applied to the glass on the inside.


Eco-CF-40 Eco |smalformaat|60cm/92cm
Saves up to 19 % on your energy bill
€ 15,98 incl. VAT
Solar-CF-40 Eco |wide format|122cm/152cm/172cm
Saves up to 19 % on your energy bill
€ 26,79 incl. VAT
Solar-CF-70 Eco |narrow size|60cm/92cm
Saves up to 25% on your energy bill
€ 16,45 incl. VAT
Eco-CF-70 Eco |breedformaat|122cm/152cm/172cm
Saves up to 25% on your energy bill
€ 27,89 incl. VAT
RF-AG 50 Eco |monster
Saves up to 30% on your energy bill
€ 23,89 incl. VAT
RF-AG 50 Eco |breed formaat|122 cm/152 cm
Saves up to 30% on your energy bill
€ 38,25 incl. VAT

Improve the energy label with insulating window film

Insulating window insulation contributes to an improvement of your energy label. In some cases (for example in monumental buildings) it is not possible to replace the glazing, then our insulating window film is the solution! As a result, the glass is preserved and you also benefit from more insulation. 
With our insulating glass foil you improve the U-value on single glazing from 5.6 to 3.5 and with double glazing from 2.8 to 2.1. And all this is possible without any modification to the building!

Advantages of insulating window film

Saving of 40% on single glazing;
Saving of 24% on double glazing;
No discolouration of the interior due to UV blockage;
Barely visible;
Making your home or building more sustainable.
Saves directly on energy costs.

Disadvantages of insulating window film

Light hue, when looking in from the outside;
It is not for sale in DIY stores.
Not applicable on HR+ and HR++ glass.