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Solar protection films

Solar protection film is the perfect solution against sun heat!

During spring and summer the solar energy and UV radiation is responsible for heating up the temperature inside your house, school, or (business) premises. Most of the solar energy is transferred into the building by the window glazing. Single pane or conventional double glazing hardly provides any resistance. But also HR, HR+, HR++ and even HR+++ cannot provide enough insulating value during a continuing hot summer period.

Solar protection films are available in several variants

Solar protection films are available in several variants: as neutral- and reflective protection films. The neutral tinted films are available in light-, medium- or dark-tinted. This is also the case for our reflective solar protection films. This variant is also available with light-reflective (Mirror 50), medium-reflective (Mirror 70) and dark-reflective properties, (Mirror 80).

Solar protection film is the perfect solution! Solar protection films are available in interior and exterior quality! Exterior films differs from interior films by the optimized resistance against weather influences.


All these films have integrated UV absorbers that are responsible for blocking a large portion of the sun heat. Especially the dark-tinted and the reflective films can provide a temperature drop of 6 to 8 degrees Celsius!

Isolating films provide instant result!

Solar protection films have an additional advantage during cold winter times as well. The isolating and reflective characteristics will have a positive influence on your heating costs. Due to the insulating properties the Central Heating system uses less energy to heat up the room. During hot summer periods the same is applicable for the energy used by the air conditioning system. The so-called K-value (isolating value) can improve by 41%. Insulating window film is a "green" initiative for companies who are committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

The solar protection films are available in different widths: 50 cm, 100 cm, 152 cm en 182 cm. This is cost-efficient when having windows with a variety of sizes (fewer loss).

Do you prefer to order specific sizes? No problem. Our team can offer you the requested sizes (pre-cut) at a small processing fee. We also offer an assembly kit for the application of window films, which enables you to apply the film on your own. If you don't feel comfortable to apply the film, or is the project simply too comprehensive?
We can put you in touch with an assembly company in your area. This person takes care of the quotation, the implementation and the aftercare for the installation of the foil purchased from us. This way you are assured of the best price and quality!