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Window film own design
Are you looking for a customized window film? With your own design, for example your company logo your favorite photo or image? Everything is possible.
The designs are processed from privacy foil, uni-colored foil or print foil. We have a high-quality cutting plotter and color printer with which we can make (almost) everything! In this way you can provide your house or office with this unique foil to your own taste and style. Privacy foil, or sandblast foil and uni-colored foil can be processed excellently in our cutter.
This way you can create and deliver your own designs! The foil is supplied ready for assembly. It has never been so easy to apply your personal taste. The full colors are processed on the color printer. The foil has a width of 160 cm, which means that very large formats can be supplied in 1 piece.
The printed film is provided with a laminate. This provides protection against UV discoloration and damage. All photos can be printed. Please note that the photo is a few MBs!
Deliver window foil design
How to submit your files / drawings? Very simple, just send an email with your drawings or files. We will then review this and assess what is and is not possible. You can send the files or drawings to the following email address: 

Apply window film with its own design

We provide a clear paste instruction as standard. By means of the adhesive instruction we explain step-by-step how to apply the window film. Can't you figure it out? No problem! You can always call or email us for tips / instructions. Would you prefer to have it assembled by our assembly team? Send us an email! (We assemble, for example, +/- 5 m2)

Are you interested in one of the "Window film own design" options below?
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We deliver large and small sized stickers cut loose or on a roll. Floor stickers, magnetic stickers, car stickers, wall stickers, in short everything in the field of lettering!

Own design: Privacy window film

Own design: Uni-color window film

Own design: Full-color window film

Are you interested in one of the above self-design options? Please contact us without obligation!