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Colored window film transparent

Colored window film creates an amazing effect

Colored window films are available in a large number of uni-colors, which are non-transparant to use for instance for doors or windows, but also in a transparant variant to create an alternative for colored glass.

When a transparant colored window film is applied to glass, it creates a totally different ambience in the room.

Colored window films are popular

Nowadays the colored window film - transparent is very popular. It is widely used in show cases, shop windows, mirrors, or on large glass panels as room dividers. 

The colored window film - uni-color (non-transparant) is suitable when you want to use a large window pane as a wall, to create more privacy on the other side.

It is commonly used in offices, schools, or shops.


Colored glass - inside and outside

Colored window films can be used for a large number of different applications, inside or outside. When the window are applied with a transparant window film, an outdated building gets a completely different look, and can be appealing and modern once again.

Colored window films are used in schools, or offices, but also at home. The film can be applied to the inside, as well as on the outside. Be careful with HR+, HR++ en HR+++. In that case it can only be applied on the outside of the glass. 

Colored window film is easy to apply. A clear instruction with a step-by-step explanation of the whole application process is included.

About us makes ordering window film possible for everyone. Our adhesive film comes directly from the specialist trade, which means that we can always guarantee you high quality. Our range consists of all kinds of window films which you can easily be applied yourself on your window. In addition, we offer the service to have the window film you ordered professionally assembled by our installation team.

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