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Privacy film

Privacy film; blocks vision, but allows light to pass

Privacy film is applied on locations where the vision needs to be obscured, but the daylight needs to pass through without restriction. In this way valuables are hidden from prying eyes. This window film makes sure that the vision from inside and outside is blocked!


The privacy foil only blocks visibility, no light or solar heat and is therefore
100% safe.



Privacy | Premium | Standard sizes
Privacy film is mainly used in bathrooms, buildings, schools, hospitals, studios and houses. With this film you can obscure vision, but daylight will still...
€ 5,49 incl. VAT
Privacy | Excellent | 100 or 150 cm
Privacy raamfolie wordt hoofdzakelijk toegepast in badkamers, kantoorgebouwen, scholen, ziekenhuizen, ateliers en in woningen. Met deze raamfolie kunt u...
€ 20,99 incl. VAT
€ 24,90 incl. VAT

Privacy film is a cost-efficient alternative for frosted glass!

This window film looks very similar to actual frosted glass, but it is a lot cheaper. This is one of the reasons that privacy film is so popular! This type of film is used in houses, buildings, business premises, schools, hospitals, studios and stores.

How to apply privacy film

The application of Privacy film or blinding film is easy. A clear instruction with a step-by-step explanation of the whole application process is included.


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