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One-way mirror | Exterior ( HR+ en HR++ and upwards) 122 cm, 152 cm 172 cm

One-way mirror | Exterior ( HR+ en HR++ and upwards) 122 cm, 152 cm 172 cm

Note: also available in width 182 cm, price on request.

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One-way mirror film reduces the vision from the outside

Thanks to the "mirror effect" of this window film it is not possible to look inside a house or an office. From the inside the film is transparent, so you have a perfect view outside!
The mirror effect arises during day time when the inside of a building is darker than outside.
However during the evening or at night the film  loses its functionality.

One-way mirror film is also available in customer-specific sizes!
Would you like to order specific sizes. That is possible! In this case please get in contact with us about your specific needs and we make sure that you will get the requested sizes. It is also possible to order the standard available sizes at section Sizes.

How to apply One-way mirror film
Application of one-way mirror film is very easy. A clear instructie with a step-by-step explanation of the whole application process is included.

The window film must be applied on the outside.

How does it work? 
This window film has special reflective properties on the outside. From the inside the film preserves transparent. 
The mirror effect arises because inside a building it is darker than outside.
However when when it is getting darker outside during the evening, the film  loses its functionality. 

Examples of One-way mirror film: