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Interior film for a complete metamorphosis

Are you tired of your interior, but are the materials not yet in need of replacement? In spite of that, do you still want to give your home or business a complete metamorphosis? Although you will probably get excited about that idea, it probably won't apply to the costs, mess and nuisance that come with it. Fortunately, now has the solution for this. You can no longer work alone with us  buy window film, but recently also interior foil!

Adhesive film for furniture and more ...

The wide range of applications of our interior wrap film extends from pasting individual furniture to the complete execution of kitchen fronts, doors, tiles, cupboards, stairs, walls and floors. All smooth surfaces, such as glass, ceramics, wood, plastic, metal and concrete, can be covered with this high-tech furniture foil. In both private and business use, the possibilities of this sustainable beautification are therefore almost endless.

Quick and easy restyling with furniture stickers

Quick and easy restyling with furniture stickers With our innovative, high-quality interior stickers you can achieve a complete interior upgrade in a short time, without being bothered by noise, dirt or dust. Moreover, the interior foil is very easy to use. After all, all foils are almost completely 3D-deformable, which makes seamless installation on corners and edges possible. In this way a wide variety of effects, patterns and structures are within reach. Whether you want to go for wood or marble look or prefer abstract patterns or quiet basic shades, it is all possible with our furniture stickers!

Other features of interior wrap film

The fact that the furniture adhesive film is easy to use makes the best results possible. However, that is not all. Our design foils have a very realistic appearance, sometimes even with a tangible structure. Furthermore, the interior foil is ecologically responsible, because it contains no harmful plasticizers and is free from heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium. In addition, every furniture or wall film is waterproof, heat-resistant, dirt-resistant and easy to maintain. This means that the films can even be used in wet areas such as bathrooms. After all, water or steam has no influence on the adhesive power of our interior stickers. Finally, the material is fire-resistant and fire-resistant up to 130 ° C and is resistant to normal household substances.

Assembly of and guarantee on the furniture foil

Despite the extremely robust material (thickness of 250-700 μm), these films can be processed particularly formally during installation. Assembly is therefore very easy to carry out yourself. The more so because the furniture stickers are not only shock and scratch resistant, but also have an air duct system. Air bubbles can therefore always be neatly removed without having to loosen the foil. Furthermore, mounting is possible between 15 and 25 degrees and the stickers can be deformed by using a hair dryer (from 175 degrees). After installation, this self-adhesive foil for furniture is easy to clean with all common non-aggressive cleaning agents. Do you want to delete the movie again? That is also not a problem, despite the very good adhesive properties. The interior stickers can be removed without leaving any glue residue. Until then, you will benefit from a factory warranty of no less than 10 years (for indoor use) and an economic life span of up to 17 years. Our adhesive film for furniture delivers impressive results in every living and working area!


All furniture stickers have a fire, sound and antibacterial standard and have an A + energy label. In addition, has various certificates and reports: CE mark EN 13501-1: 2007 EN ISO 11925-2 EN 13823: 2002 EN 15102: 2007 A1: 2011 EN 12149-B EN 12149-C ISO 354 EN 12524 EN 12667 ATCC 6538 P ATCC 8739.