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UV protection film

UV-resistant window film is the best solution against UV discolouration.

This crystal-clear UV resistant film reflects the harmful UV rays while the sunlight simply passes through.

In living rooms or shop windows it is desirable that you can look inside and that the colors of the displayed items are not adversely affected. Therefore, often becomes one







UV-resistant film is transparent and neutrally tinted.

UV resistant window film is neutrally tinted and therefore hardly visible. This foil has been specially developed because this foil is often used in residential houses, shop windows. The free view from inside to outside and from outside to inside must remain unhindered.

UV-resistant amber colored


UV resistant window film, amber color. has been developed especially for laboratories. The yellow / orange color not only contains harmful UV radiation, but also the harmful infrared radiation.

clear UV resistant film

However, this foil does not have a metalized layer, which means that the infrared radiation from the light comes in. Infra-red radiation can also cause discoloration. That is why it is always important to handle your valuables carefully and, despite the foil, not to expose them to this radiation for too long. If you want to keep UV and infrared rays away, only the amber-colored and the mirror sun-resistant window films are the best option.