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Eco-CF-40 Eco |smalformaat|60cm/92cm

Eco-CF-40 Eco |smalformaat|60cm/92cm
Eco-CF-40 Eco |smalformaat|60cm/92cm
Saves up to 19 % on your energy bill
€ 16,98
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Insulating window film CF-40 eco (clear)

Is your business premises, shop or home fitted with single or double glazing? Are you looking for a way to save on energy costs with the ever-rising energy costs? Insulating window film is a simple, yet effective way to improve the insulation value of your windows. An ideal solution when you want to make your windows more sustainable, but do not want or cannot replace the window

With the insulating window film CF-40 you save 19% on single glazing  (U-value 5,7) and 12% on double glazing (U-value 3,9)

The window film is easy to install yourself with the handy adhesive instructions, but would you rather have it done? Then we will put you in touch with installation companies in your region. They will issue a quote for you directly and install the foil expertly on the windows of your shop, office building or home. This also saves you on installation costs. Please inquire about the possibilities.

Advantages of Insulating foil

You can enjoy insulating window film all year round. In the colder months the foil keeps heat in, while in the warmer months solar heat is reflected. That means savings on heating and air conditioning.

In addition, insulating window film has more advantages:
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Simple and cheaper alternative to replacing windows
  • Prevents discoloration of valuable items
  • Heat Resistant Film / Heat Reflective Film
  • No inconvenience during installation
  • A pleasant indoor climate
  • All year round Virtually invisible

Applications insulating window film

If you want to make your building more sustainable, the most profit will be made by starting with insulating the windows. If you do not want or cannot replace the windows, insulating window film offers a solution. The foil is mainly used in old(er) buildings or monumental buildings with single or double glazing (HR).

Insulating window film for single glazing

Single glass is very thin and has hardly any insulation value. Buildings with single glazing therefore lose a lot of heat in winter. In addition, it quickly becomes too hot in the building in the summer.

However, the windows do not have to be replaced immediately, but you can also opt for insulating foil for your single glazing. By providing the windows with insulating window film, you create a similar effect to double glazing and you can quickly save considerably on your energy costs.

Insulating window film for HR windows

Double glazing (HR) has a higher insulating capacity than single glazing, but still does not provide optimal insulation. Do you want to save more energy costs? Then you can provide your HR windows with insulating glass foil. The window film provides extra insulation.
Please note: insulating window film does not pay off with HR+ or HR++ glass, because these windows already have sufficient insulation value.

Insulating window film for monumental buildings

Insulating window film for monumental buildings Note: insulating window film does not pay off with HR+ or HR++ glass, because these windows already have sufficient insulation value.